How A Rugby Speaker Can Benefit Your Business

On the surface, business and sport may seem worlds apart. But when you delve deeper, many components of an effective business are also relevant to sport. The competitive nature involved in both sectors lend to them being performance-based environments. Factors such as time management, communication and coping with pressure are vital in business and with elite sportspeople being accustomed to the pressure that comes with showpiece sporting fixtures where they seemingly carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. Personalities that have played and managed within the game of rugby have lived and breathed characteristics that apply to both business and sport. As a result, they are able to provide invaluable advice for your business.

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Rugby Players That Can Transform & Invigorate Businesses

Responsible for the performances and results of their team, rugby players much like business employees are held accountable for their output. Our International rugby players have played at the pinnacle of the sport, representing their nation and managing the hopes and expectations of the country. This level of pressure and the scrutiny that comes with it allow players to share real-life examples and experiences that contain vital lessons applicable to the business world.

Icons such as Jonny Wilkinson CBE will not only bring stature to business events, Wilkinson is able to share the trials and tribulations he encountered throughout his career along with the meticulous preparation and attention to detail that was integral to his success in sport. Revered for his astonishing 2003 Rugby World Cup winning drop-goal, Jonny is now a rugby speaker for business events. Jonny can eloquently express how teamwork led to the opportunity of presenting, and describes the intricacies that allowed him to successfully execute a plan that made history. Jonny also provides the perfect example to all that hard work, perseverance and daily improvement can lead to excellence.

The England World Cup winning captain and former England coach, Martin Johnson CBE is another fantastic rugby speaker for businesses. An elite performer that has excelled as both a player and a coach, the natural-born leader can eloquently share lessons and teachings from rugby. An outstanding rugby speaker who spearheaded English rugby in one of their most successful periods, Johnson can help to instil a high performing and elite environment within a business that will set a company up for success. Having been both a player and manager, Martin Johnson is able to explain which managerial styles are most effective and what mode of communication reaps the biggest rewards. His crucial knowledge in business can help ensure you are maximising the output of your employees.


Managers To Enhance Leadership & Develop Culture In Business

The role of a manager within both sport and business is pivotal to success. Leading by example, a manager can single-handedly transform performance and achieve massive success. Sir Clive Woodward, the legendary Rugby World Cup winning coach is an outstanding rugby speaker, owing to his skills in motivation, organisation and man-management. Incredibly knowledgeable with an abundance of expertise, Sir Clive knows what leads to accomplishment in sport. Able to instil change in an instant and motivate, inspire and capture guests, Sir Clive Woodward is incredibly well placed to deliver keynote speeches as a motivational speaker for businesses where he is truly outstanding at changing the cultures and fortunes of a business by implementing the same skills and habits that led to Rugby World Cup glory.


To Book One Of Our Fantastic Rugby Speakers For An Event

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