Why Rugby Speakers Are Experts In Teamwork

They say teamwork makes the dream work. It’s a quality that we’re all trying to develop within the working environment in order to thrive as a business. But there’s one group of people who have already mastered the art of communication and keeping team spirit alive no matter what.

Sports teams, more specifically rugby teams, have a relationship that we should all be striving for within the workplace. Their undeniable team effort is evident from the high performance we witness from each team on the pitch week in, week out.

Our rugby speakers never fail to help businesses become a united team. With their wealth of experience, they can help to strengthen any organisation to be just as successful as the 2003 England squad who went onto win the Rugby World Cup. They build on their teamwork skills so much so that it has become second nature to them - a nature that can be adopted just as easily by your business.

If you’re looking to hire a speaker to give your business a boost when it comes to teamwork skills, here’s a little taster of some of the topics you can expect to be included by one of our incredible rugby teamwork speakers.

Leading By Example

Arguably one of the most important members of any team, the leader can either make or break the teamwork skills of a rugby squad. The most iconic England rugby captain of all time, Martin Johnson, is someone we could learn an abundance of teamwork tips from. After overseeing the England victory at the 2003 World Cup, Johnson’s theory of leading by example proved highly successful and can be easily applied to a business environment. By displaying your own confidence and self-belief as a leader, the morale of the entire team will naturally boost and therefore motivation to succeed will also increase. Martin also ensured that he trained just as hard as he wanted everyone else to in order to be able to do his job well on the pitch, by doing so, the team followed suit and everyone was playing to their best ability on game day.

Martin Johnson holding up trophy at 2003 World Cup

Rise By Lifting Others

Helping one another to improve as well as taking it upon yourself to observe and apply other peoples tactics to your own gameplay is a skill that is highly prominent in the training of a rugby squad. This is something that can be taught by many of our rugby motivational speakers, such as Jason Robinson who took inspiration from Jonny Wilkinson throughout his rugby career. Jason revealed that he would watch the rugby legend whilst he practised alone before a match, he took those opportunities to learn from him and implement any new skills he noticed that could be useful in his own play. Helping and learning from each other is also an extremely important skill in the business world, as it can help with both self and team development.

Continuous Improvement

An essential skill for the majority of sports teams, continuous improvement is the process of learning from negative experiences and implementing new strategies to strive to achieve better results. In rugby, every detail from nutrition to skill acquisition is put under the microscope to ensure that the best performance of each player is shining on the pitch.

Although continuous improvement has proven to be a difficult tactic to master, once you achieve it, it is an extremely effective skill that can be implemented in almost any environment. With rugby players already being the leading experts in self-evaluation, there are no better motivational speakers than rugby speakers to help put this into motion in your business.

Respecting Team Members

Jason Robinson highlights the importance of becoming friends with the people you work with. He explains that

“the highlight of my career wasn’t just winning the Rugby World Cup, but winning the Rugby World Cup with some great mates.”

It’s much more motivating to arrive at work to a group of people you can call friends rather than colleagues, it’s also much more morale-boosting to celebrate as a group rather than individually. This is another teamwork technique we can learn from rugby speakers.

Team mates holding World Cup trophy

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