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A game filled with big tackles, ferocious competitors and adrenalin brimming, many don't see the entertaining and hilarious personalities behind the on field bravado. Champions Rugby Speakers Agency are delighted to offer funny rugby speakers that will enthral, intrigue and certainly entertain guests at events, functions and dinners. Sharing tales and anecdotes that will definitely fill a room with joy and an abundance of laughter, our funny rugby speakers.

Able to not only perform as funny rugby speakers, our fabulous personalities can also be hired as an event host where they will add an enlightening and incredibly pleasant aura to your event. The hilarious Matt Dawson MBE was exhilarating on the pitch and has certainly taken his on field enthusiasm and cheeky nature to excel in his retirement as not only a funny rugby speaker but an irreplaceable Question of Sport team captain which has further increased his popularity and demand as a funny rugby speaker.

Some of rugby’s most entertaining and comical catastrophes are often missed by the cameras and occur behind closed doors. The life of a professional sportsperson and the antics that occur with a dressing room are two things that everyone would love to be a part of. Occurrences that become stuff of legend, our funny rugby speakers such as Nigel Owens deliver witty and simply hilarious stories that are not showcased through the media. Having officiated and therefore been at the centre of some of the most hard fought and competitive fixtures, Owens has also witness rugby’s most side-splitting calamites that he expertly recollects during performances as a funny rugby speaker much to the delight and joy of guests at events and functions across the UK.

Sharing tales and anecdotes from International fixtures, domestic duels and numerous mishaps our rugby speakers are fully aware of the ups and downs of both life and rugby, often taking full advantage of them to transform them into hilariously entertaining yet unfortunate anecdotes. Providing light hearted humour and wit to an often stern and serious sport, our funny rugby speakers truly are astonishingly esteemed and polished performers. Should you be searching for a rugby speaker or event host for your event no matter how big or small, and find yourself intrigued look no further and simply contact one of our dedicated booking rugby speaker agents at Champions Rugby Speakers Agency directly on 0207 1010 553 where the team will provide all the help and support you require to ensure you secure one of our funny rugby speakers for your event such as Austin Healey or Martin Bayfield to leave you and your guests incredibly satisfied and overjoyed with laughter.