What Does It Take To Be A Professional Rugby Player?

Starting anything new can be a task, especially when you are starting from scratch with limited-to-no knowledge of the subject. Even with knowledge of a subject, it's hard to see how to progress from a lower level to a professional level. This is particularly relevant in Rugby, as many try from an early age to get into the sport but it's very hard to take it to the next level and become professional.

Often one of the most common questions asked of any rugby player, league or union, is how they became professional rugby players in the first place. Here at Champions Rugby Speakers, we have used our expert knowledge and research to breakdown the necessary steps of what it takes to become a professional rugby player.

professional rugby players at game

The Power of Fitness & Training

Rugby is known for its physicality and high-impact tackles, which often puts a lot of strain and demand on its athletes. It is incredibly important that players are fit and strong enough to endure the battle up and down the pitch. Ideally, a plan should be put together that structures your training in accordance with meeting the physical demands of rugby. Usually, rugby players need to have fitness attributes such as aerobic fitness, anaerobic fitness, speed, mobility and flexibility, agility and coordination, power and strength. Building up fitness in all these areas will better equip a rugby player for the intensity of a rugby match. 

In our exclusive interview with Jeff Probyn, he explains the role that superior fitness played in England's 1992 Grand Slam win:

"We were so much fitter than everyone else. Which is why we won the 1992 Grand Slam with no problems. The only team to win back to back grand slams in what, 50 years. It was because we adopted those professional attitudes to fitness. So our summer was quite extreme. We had fitness tests and fitness camps to get us in a position where we had a chance and could possibly win."


The Importance of Diet

Diet is one of the most important parts for any sportsman’s quest for professionalism, regardless of the sport, and for rugby players, there is no exception. Often the advice of a nutritionist is handy to have when working out what's the best diet for your body, and putting together a plan that takes into account the unique demands of a rugby player.

One vital aspect of any rugby player’s diet is water, which its importance is often overlooked and underestimated. Water is the most important part of a players diet, with dehydration causing a high risk of injury and reduction of strength by 10% and speed by 8%. It is imperative that players drink a minimum of 3 litres of water a day. 

Certain nutritionists have developed a guide of habits that every rugby player should try and incorporate into their food-related lifestyles. These include a daily protein target of 2.5g-3g per kilo of bodyweight, replacing unhealthy snacks with healthier options, building body mass by eating 4 meals per day, manipulating carb intake such as eating complex carbs 3 hours before training and drinking plenty of water the day before a game.


The Development of Skills & Techniques

When developing new or old skills it is important to review what you need to improve on and what you still need to learn as well as the skills level that you are currently at and where you want to progress to. There are plenty of specific training activities that can be used to help improve the various skills needed for rugby. In addition to this, there are five core skills that are imperative to master in order for a rugby player to become a professional at the sport. These include various different passing techniques such as spin passes and pop passes, different running techniques for example acceleration and multi-direction, accurate communication to support fellow teammates, various tackling situations, and good decision making under pressure.   

rugby players training in field

Now it's down to you to achieve the goals you’ve set out for yourself. If you can stay dedicated and master certain techniques and skills, along with keeping up with your fitness and training, and having a healthy nutritional diet, you are certain to prosper.  


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