What Can Rugby Speakers Teach Us About Endurance?

Having the power to endure hardship separates the best, from the rest. Whether on the rugby pitch or the corporate boardroom, perseverance and determination are key attributes of successful individuals, who regularly outperform their competition. Our speakers promote productive rest, peak performance and marginal gains through their speeches, using their first-hand experience of high-pressure situations to relate with audiences.

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Rest is Essential

Though it may seem counter-intuitive, endurance is only achieved when the mind and body are well-rested. At its core, a strong stamina simply means that an athlete or businessperson can persevere despite fatigue, personal challenges and doubt, only possible through self-care. For rugby players, this may mean doing High-Intensity Interval Training, while for corporate audiences, regular days off allows their mind to properly switch off and recover. An important trait of peak performance, rest leads to physical and mental endurance.

Former international rugby player Doddie Wier, has had his endurance tested in more ways than one. On the pitch, his role with the Newcastle Falcons and England’s national team strengthened his determination, nurturing a “will do” mindset. Upon his retirement, Doddie was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, a devastating condition that causes muscular atrophy - Doddie’s mental and physical endurance are pushed to the limit daily. As a motivational speaker, he uses his story to raise awareness and teach audiences that true endurance comes in all shapes and sizes.

Pace Yourself

Endurance simply means having “the ability to endure an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way”. When faced with an uphill battle, a strong stamina allows individuals to take the steps needed to overcome challenges in life, sport and business. However, many are tempted to give 110% straight away, which can lead to burnout and, eventually, failure. Pacing yourself may not produce immediate rewards, but it will consolidate enough strength to achieve your goals.

To earn her place in the Rugby Hall of Fame, Maggie Alphonsi had to pace her career. In a bid to build stamina and avoid burnout, she valued to importance of self-belief, nurturing her ability to manage expectations in a male-dominated sport. Now a popular motivational speaker, she teaches audiences how to thrive under pressure, and pace their journey to overcome adversity. Described as having a “warm smile and easy manner”, Maggie inspires determination and perseverance in audiences.

Marginal Gains

Marginal gains is a philosophy coined by Sir Dave Brailsford. It describes the 1% Factor, and how small improvements can lead to long term results – for rugby players, this can include perfecting minor manoeuvres to increase the team’s arsenal of strategies. The philosophy also improves endurance, as it encourages productive rest and sets the pace of training, focusing on small adjustments for big results. Rugby speakers commonly discuss Sir Dave Brailsford’s philosophy, and how it applies to both life, business and sport.

A formidable player on the pitch, and an influential LGBT+ advocate in his own time, media sensation Ben Cohen MBE has made great strides during his career. He is the 10th highest point scorer in England rugby history, an accolade only achieved through marginal gains and physical endurance. As a gay man in a typically masculine sport, Ben has faced challenges from all sides of his career. Despite this, his staggering level of determination meant that he could overcome both off-pitch discrimination and on-pitch opposition to become one of England’s most impactful rugby players.

Mind, Body & Soul

Endurance of the body, takes endurance of the mind too; fundamentally intertwined, it takes every fibre of a person’s being to work together and build stamina. Human endurance requires an ongoing commitment to your goals, an unwavering promise to take any challenges that may arise in your stride. Rugby players live, eat and breathe their sport, dedicating their career to competing, and their spare time to training and rest. To endure whatever life may throw at you, businesspeople and sporting stars alike must employ comprehensive stamina.

As the former Captain of England’s National Women’s Rugby Team, Catherine Spencer is one of the most prominent players in the sport’s history. With over a decade of elite-level competing under her belt, she dedicated her entire mind, body and soul to the sport that she loved. Catherine has made great strides for female representation in rugby, a feat that earned her the 2011 Rugby Writers Club Special Award. Whether she is discussing her first-hand experience of international ruby or the importance of female role models, a rugby speaker like Catherine embodies perseverance.

Keep Pushing

When you are in the middle of an stubborn scrum, keep pushing. When you are faced with a stubborn business deal, keep pushing. Endurance is achieved in those moments when you want to quit, but the call of the Rugby World Cup title keeps you focused, and fighting. In the world of business, endurance can mean the difference between overcoming corporate failures and falling at the first hurdle, defining the long-term success of a company.

Rugby speakers are booked to instil their endurance driven mindset in audiences. A particularly determined player is Jason Robinson OBE, a member of England’s legendary 2003 Australia World Cup-winning team. Famed for his formidable pace, Jason was able to attack with such ferocity because of his determined stamina, nurtured throughout his career. When booked for events, he discusses his journey to rugby prominence, including the mindset that he nurtured to allow for such a lightning speed and undefeatable consistency.

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